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>avoide heavy mail volume I changed from rceiving all mail through e-mail to
>receiving it through the PBS site under 'List'. It works very well for me,
>thanks, and solved the mail problem. Now, here's the question - how
>frequently is data received by the PBS site updated in the list page?

The website archive updates every three hours, at GMT hours 2,5,8,11. On 
top of that the list web page has a browser cache lifetime of three 

If you are prepared to press F5 when you get to the web archive 
refreshing the page, your worst case delay is three hours.

If you don't refresh the page then the absolute worst delay is just 
under six hours.

I can change one or both of these three hour delays if there is demand.

Email is subject to delays, which can vary greatly.

If one wanted to see messages with the minimum delay, one would sit on 
the old ibiblio list archive page pressing F5 every few seconds.

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