wintering-over Spring bulbs in pots
Wed, 07 Dec 2011 12:18:50 PST
The tough part here is that the bulb have to produce roots. You can pot them and bury one to two feet deep somewhere in the garden. You'll have to either carefully removed from pots roots and all in the spring or grow on in the pots and put in ground when they die back in July or August. 

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        The bulbs are for another location which is currently too wet and snow is  
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What's  the difference between planting them, and planting the pot ?  

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I am in HZ5  in  Connecticut and due to exceedingly wet weather I am  
to finish  planting Spring bulbs of camassia and allium. Does anyone have   
experience potting-up such bulbs (Pro-Mix) and then sinking them into the  
ground  so the bulbs are at the proper depth and covered so as to  avoid 
freezing and  thawing? I plan to dig the pots out in the Spring  and plant 
in  the gardens. This idea suggested by a  reputable local bulb wholesaler.

I appreciate any experienced advice!  
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