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Wed, 28 Dec 2011 13:15:24 PST
Roald Dahl wrote that a half-buried empty wine bottle would work against moles - they dislike the noise from the wind blowing across it, and stay away. (Have not tried this myself!)

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On 29/12/2011, at 5:37 AM, C3fnn@aol.com wrote:

> Having just come in from the gardens where moles have excavated around  
> perennials and through dormant bulb beds, I saw "gophers" and just have to ask  
> about moles and voles which I know are different but similarly destructive. 
> I  have tried Plantskydd granules, traps, and removing leaf cover but to no 
> avail.  We do not have more than a few grubs ( I have applied nematodes) 
> but we do have  many earthworms. I know moles are insectivores, and voles eat 
> vegetation, roots,  bulbs, etc. Would anyone have some suggestions? 
> Carol
> HZ 5b
> Connecticut, USA
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