Polygonatum bulbosum?

Mark BROWN brown.mark@wanadoo.fr
Thu, 08 Dec 2011 10:45:08 PST
Thank goodness that one is sorted out!
Thanks, I'll pass on the message.

" Polygonatum bulbosum is currently placed under synonymy with cirrhifolium, but I have seen the types, dissected flowers, and grown them in the garden. They are different!! I am just waiting to get more DNA work done to show how different they are. Also, P. bulbosum has blue fruits and cirrhifolium red fruits, the rhizomes are different, the peduncles of the inflorescence are triangular and scabrous whereas cirrhifolium are round and smooth, and bracts of the inflorescence are different! 
>  Acceptance in FOC is not a good requirement since it is an English translation for the most part of the older Chinese publication -- only recent volumes have newer taxonomic changes. Other than that most databases are based on Jeffreys work in 1979 and even some of those ignore his nomenclature which I find he was mostly right even if a few species are in the wrong genus. 
>  Cedric finally believed me this spring about the white hookeri he photographed being the newly described P. qinghaiense.
>  Aaron"

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