Extra dark leaves on Amaryllis belladonna

Ken kjblack@pacbell.net
Sun, 18 Dec 2011 16:08:13 PST
I would agree with Mike ... I usually see some darker or redish leaves amongst my Amaryllis and Brunsvigia seedlings (ex, pic at the link below) but have noticed it usually grows out by the second year, reverting to more typically-colored foliage.   However ... good luck ... it would be nice to see some red-foliaged Naked Ladies!
Ken Blackford
San Diego

>>I noticed that in my pot of seedlings, all of them have bright grass green
leaves, while one of them has very, very dark, almost "black" leaves. Could
this be the start of a new variety, or have you guys seen this before? 

Hard to say at this point.  Some of my Amaryllis belladonna hybrids have
darker leaves, and some in particular have very dark edges on the leaves as
they first sprout.  Wait a while and see if they turn green as they grow.
If they stay black all season, I think you have something different.

San Jose, CA

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