Kniphofia Traffic Lights

Ina Crossley
Sat, 17 Dec 2011 17:47:36 PST
I have a plant which I bought from a nursery which was labelled "Traffic 
Lights".  Since then I was given another one with that name, but as the 
leaves are much narrower I had my doubts.

As the second one has yellow flowers it is obviously not a "Traffic 
Light" one, so looked up TL and I think that one is actually a "Fire 
Dance" one.  Have still not found a name for the yellow one, which is 
similar to my first one, but altogether more dainty in appearance.  And 
with yellow flowers.

I'll try and take a photo of the second one when the rain stops, which 
may not be until tomorrow.

Does my description ring any bells with anyone?

Ina   in soggy Auckland NZ

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