Info on some BX 297 plants

Fri, 02 Dec 2011 15:35:13 PST

Sinningia tubiflora may come from an area with a temperature range similar
to that of San Diego as you state. But, from the annual rainfall amounts
there are other differences. In the large pots they grow fine, flowering
very well but, in order to achieve that I must water them all summer.
Growing them in the ground would work but only of I arrange to irrigate them
in summer. That's why I use pots. But, I may try planting some out one of
these days.

You are right on the tuber size. They are large and grow fast. Every few
years I must unpot and split them up. It's really the same type of treatment
I must give to alstroemerias, the Brazilian ones. These will bloom all year
here if watered all year. The tropical alstroemerias are a bit more
demanding on winter temperature, I find.

San Diego


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