Freesia laxa

Rhoda and Cameron McMaster
Tue, 06 Dec 2011 22:03:50 PST
Hi Freesia laxa fans 

We have a large population od Freesia laxa in our nursery which is self seeding and comes up all over - almost a weed!.  This population consists of equal proportion of red and white flowers.  We sometimes mark the white plants in an attempt to get white seed but consider this to be a futile exercise and we believe that all our seed is heterozygous for colour.  Our plants originate from wild plants in forest habitats in the Eastern Cape where red is the dominant colour, with occasional whoie flowers.  However in cultivation the proportion of white plants has increased steadily over the years.

We also have a blue form which flowers at a different time.  We are not clear concerning the origin of the blue Freesia laxa but think it may have come from northen provinces  - maybe Natal.  Can anyone shed light on the origin of the blue form of Freesia laxa?

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