Wed, 07 Dec 2011 12:48:10 PST
Hello All,

I received Erythronium from multiple sources this fall.  One source had superior bulbs, plump and fresh looking as late as this December.  Another sent dried little crunchy bits.  I've dealt with both stories in the past.  The nice ones flourish, the crunchy one are not to be seen again in the light of day (or night for that matter). 

This time, I slowly re-hydrated the crispy critters in a growth chamber at 68 degrees F.  This resulted in fantastic penicillium growth.  It was nice shade of blue...  

Another batch came in that got half an hour soak in a fungicide appropriate for penicillium mold and a few other nasties.  They are back in the growth chamber with hopes of growth.  They actually look pretty good (on petri dishes with moistened blotter).

My question?  Has anyone had success with resurrecting these poor things?  Any suggestions?

As it's too late for any more bulbs (Is it ever too late for more bulbs?), I'm looking for seeds, pretty much any I can find - revolutum, tuolumnense, sibericum, japonicum, citrinum.  (Not looking for americanum) I would purchase them, if available (U.S.).   [I know Telos and Odyssey have bulbs of some of these.  They will have my order next season.]

Thank you!


Interlaken NY Zone 5-ish-6

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