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Hi Leo,

Calostemma purpureum is widespread in flood plain locations, but in its 
southern range is usually found at higher elevations in clay soil- it does 
tolerate a little watering over spring and summer as the growth period is 
from midsummer into autumn. The important factor is to ensure at least one 
to two heavy waterings around mid to late summer.
Where is found the summer max. daily air temperatures do range from  25C to 
40C and in winter around -5C to 18 C.

Remove  the potted bulbs from the saucer of water from early autumn,  in 
nature the bulbs are usually at a level commensurate with the soils moisture 
retention - ie. shallower in stony ground  they grow down approx. 6 to 8cms 
and  approx 10 cms inches in alluvial sandy soils.
In pots I sugggest you plant them about half way down the pot
Blue Mountains.

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> Yes, behind the times...
> Grown in the ground, do Calostemma tolerate any summer water at all?
> I killed my first one by leaving the pot outside in the shade during our
> warm summer (104 F / 40C and above for several months.) The next two I
> have kept alive by bringing into the house for the summer, but they don't
> bloom.
> We don't get a lot of summer rain and some mediterranean-climate plants
> don't mind the small amount we do get.
> Another problem I have is soil, or lack therof. My "garden soil" is rocks
> separated by traces of dust. Excellent drainage!
> Leo Martin
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