Eastern US lilies

James Wood jamesbwood2000@gmail.com
Tue, 27 Dec 2011 12:19:04 PST

I have a pending order with EdensBlooms.com

They have some of the rain lilies that I'm interested in at very reasonable
prices, especially when you order 10 or more of them.  My order was placed
on Dec 7th and has not arrived yet but it is a busy time of year.  Some of
their offerings are native to SE US - exactly what you are looking for.

I've also ordered and received seeds from
http://www.brazilplants.com/Seeds.html and am busy planting the seeds
today.  Most of these are South American.  In many cases, the seller
included more than the 10 seeds indicated in the package.  Shipping was
also very quick.  I did have to pay in euros using paypal - this was a
first for me but it went smoothly.  I can recommend this source.

This is my first post here.  My wife and I just bought
a foreclosed property on an acre of land in South Florida and we are just
starting out accumulating plants.  Plant interests include rain lilies,
orchids, bamboo, vegetable garden plants and other interesting tropical

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