Attention Australian Collectors, BX refused

Linda Foulis
Sat, 31 Dec 2011 17:55:41 PST
It may be worth a call to someone if you can.  When my clivia seeds were
recently confiscated, it said on the notice that they were to be destroyed
in 'an international landfill'.  I contacted Cdn Food Inspection Agency here
in Red Deer and he contacted CFIA in Quebec.  I then found out that the
Quebec agency had thought the seeds to be bulbs hence the reason for
confiscating.  I had thought at that point the seeds had long been
destroyed, but no, I ended up getting the seeds in the mail a couple of
weeks later and they were in excellent condition except for one which they
had cut in half.  I was very impressed that they had bothered to send on the

Linda Foulis
Red Deer, AB

Happy New Year all

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