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You can get them on Ebay sometimes, but I've tried twice, with seeds, and none ever sprouted. 

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Dear Pamela,
You gave some wonderful news there!
I will put Welwitschia on the list of plants for my new "desert" bed here.
I hope seed is available occasionally from Silverhill?
Kind regards,

"Objet : [pbs] Welwitschia
> Dear Randall and others interested,
> On pp. 3-4 in this link to the Tuscon Cactus and Succulent Society newsletter, 
see the article by Mark Dimmitt:
> http://www.tucsoncactus.org/pdf_files/June10.pdf
> Hope this is helpful although I haven't grown it but would love to try.
> Best wishes,
> Pamela
> Pamela Slate"


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