What's Germinating this Week

AW awilson@avonia.com
Wed, 28 Dec 2011 10:09:47 PST
Dear All,

Initial, but intensive, reading of the Deno document (referred here by David
Pilling) has produced some interesting information for me. Others such as
Jane McGary commented on shortcomings with Deno's work. Those points may be
valid for rock-garden seeds but my orginally query was about seed
germination from sources not my own. So, I searched from information
relevant to that topic, with emphasis on the south African, bulbous
iridaceae species. I found several.  Here is one gem:

"Romulea (Iridaceae). Both R. bulbocdium and A. Iuthicii germ. at 40 but not
70. J. Forrest reported that R. hantamensis germ. 96% in winter using his
own fresh
seed whereas fourteen samples of imported DS seed failed to give a single

So, it seems that Romulea seed imported from elsewhere did not germinate
well. It would be interesting to know the conditions under which the
fourteen seed samples were imported but, on the surface, Forrest's  results
would appear to confirm mine.

Deno describes the effect of oscillating temperatures, a well-known
initiator of germination in winter-growers, but does not indicate whether it
was used in many of his species tested.  

There are other observations on this topic I could add that may surprise
some and possibly irritate others but let's just leave it at that for now. I
am still in the research mode and have more to learn.

San Diego

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