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To all who grow the plant in the link,

 This has come from Chen Yi originally -- all the plants in cultivation. I have never seen this grown from any other collection. Its appropriate name is an old name, but it is currently lumped in with cirrhifolium. Its native range is SW-SC Sichuan and N-NE Yunnan. So far, I've never seen it outside that area, but it should be expect in neighboring Guizhou. Like many of Leveille's Polygonatum he named it twice, first bulbosum and then lebrunii, both from Yunnan and both collected by E.E. Maire. Polygonatum bulbosum shoudl be the correct name for this.

 Jeffrey treated this under P. fuscum which is related, but incorrect. The two are not sympatric nor do they like the same habitat.


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I have an album on facebook of the chinese species.


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