Mary Sue Ittner
Tue, 06 Dec 2011 08:23:44 PST
Hi all,

I need some help. It always seems when I am busy 
and think I can quickly add something to the wiki 
I run into a road block that takes me a lot of 
time to unravel. Today I was adding some 
wonderful images of Neomarica from Andrew Harvie to the wiki.…

One of them was a plant called Neomarica 
longifolia, a yellow flowered species. I didn't 
have any information about it so started 
searching for more. I found it listed on The 
Plant List and in Kew as an accepted species with 
older synonyms of Marica longifolia, Cipura 
longifolia and Cypella longifolia. It is also 
described in the Portuguese document on the genus 
that we have linked to the Neomarica page. And 
there are a number of people I found in a Google search growing it.

David's new amazing way to search the archives 
allowed me to look at most of posts over the 
years on Neomarica from this group.  I found a 
message to this list from Corey Thompson in 2004 
saying he had purchased a plant by this name and 
then found a photo of something that looked just 
like it in Thad Howard's book that was described 
as Trimezia martinicensis  and asking for help 
deciding what his plant was, but not receiving 
any, at least not posted to the list.  Then there 
were posts from Jim Waddick later saying all the 
yellow ones are now in Trimezia (not a synonym 
listed by Kew or The Plant List for this species) 
and a post from Jim Waddick saying that this 
species also didn't belong in Neomarica according 
to Alberto Castillo.  It is interesting to note 
that in the Manning and Goldblatt Iris book tribe 
Trimezieae includes Trimezia, Pseudotrimezia, and 
Neomarica. Cypella and Cipura are in tribe 
Tigridieae. And this book emphasizes the strong 
relationship between Trimezia and Neomarica. But 
in describing Neomarica it notes that flowers are 
radially symmetric, fugacious, cream, yellow, or 
blue so they are at least including yellow 
flowers in Neomarica. In describing the 
difference between the two genera, they say that 
Neomarica is distinguished by its creeping 
rhizome and broadly winged, leafy flowering stem.

I have spent a number of hours on this now and 
don't have any more time to spend so will leave 
Andrew Harvie's photo of Neomarica longifolia on 
the wiki for the moment. It does look a lot like 
the photos we have of Trimezia martinicensis 
however. So which authority are we going with. Is 
it possible that there are two different plants, 
Neomarica longifolia and Trimezia martinicensis?…
I wasn't able to keep alive the Trimezia Patty 
gave me that I have photographed on the wiki.

By the way the Plant List also recognizes 
Trimezia martinicensis with these synonyms:
Cipura martinicensis (Jacq.) Kunth
Cipura semiaperta Heynh.
Ferraria lurida Salisb.
Iris martinicensis Jacq.
Lansbergia caracasana de Vriese
Lansbergia martinicensis (Jacq.) Baker
Lansbergia meridensis Klatt
Marica martinicensis (Jacq.) Ker Gawl.
Poarchon fluminensis Allemão
Remaclea funebris C.Morren
Sisyrinchium fluminense Vell.s
Trimezia caracasana (de Vriese) Benth. & Hook.f. ex B.D.Jacks.
Trimezia lurida (Salisb.) Salisb. [Illegitimate]
Trimezia meridensis Herb.
Tritonia riparia Cordem.
Vieusseuxia martinicensis (Jacq.) DC.
Xanthocromyon herbertii H.Karst.
Obviously there has been some confusion over the 
years with this one. I am including the list so 
you can see that there is not a Neomarica in the lot.

 From reading most of the Neomarica posts to this 
list from the past I see I entreated people to 
help us illustrate these plants with more 
pictures of the plants, leaves, flowering stems, 
etc. But we still have mostly flower pictures on 
the wiki. The flowers are beautiful and it is 
wonderful to have them illustrated. A lot of the 
flowers are very similar however and having 
photos to show more of the identifying features 
would be really helpful. The photo from David 
Ehrlich of N. northiana is a good example of such a photo.

I found a lot of text about growing these when I 
searched the archives, but don't have time at the 
moment to condense it and add it to the wiki. 
People note from time to time that this and that 
is missing from the wiki and/or it would be 
really helpful to have additional information of 
various kinds on the wiki. All of the work on the 
wiki is done by volunteers. We are very happy to 
be building this global resource, but there needs 
to be more help if some of these things people 
would like to see on the wiki are going to 
included. A number of people said they would like 
to be of help. Anyone want to volunteer to write 
up something about growing Neomarica and send it 
to me so I can add it to the wiki? There is a lot 
of good information in the archives.

Also I hope Lee will add to the wiki when he has 
time the Neomarica species he said he was growing 
in the archves, N. sabini, we don't have pictured.

Mary Sue

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