bug larvae ID in Brunsvigia bulb?

J. Agoston agoston.janos123@gmail.com
Sun, 18 Dec 2011 13:20:02 PST

On this picture I think it is a Sciarid fly's larvae
But this one looks more like a caterpillar

You may try to use Citation, it is the best systemic fly larvae killer, and
try also Coragen/Steward (active ingredient rynaxypyr = klorantraniliprole)
this is also sytemic and is very affective against insects with "chewing
mouth" this means it is good gor caterpillars, and beetles but ineffective
against like aphids, leafhoppers, thrips...

My opinion is that the Sciarid flys attacked because the bulb was allready
rotting. Their "mouth" is not strong enough to eat mature plant tissues,
but can consume seedlings, especially ones from small seeds, like begonia.
It can happen that the pinkish larvae started the whole rotting thing. But
that is only a guess.

Sometimes i did cut my Hippeastrum bulbs and showed a similar rot, i was
thinkink Stagonospora caused the rot. Did you have any Stagonospora
infection in your collection lately?

I hope this will not spread to other bulbs, i know they are quite valuable!


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