Rhodophiala bifida name - cross posting

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Tony and all,

That is interesting.  Someone like Ben Zonneveld or Aart van Vorst's 
collaborator might look at the nuclear DNA weight of the various accessions 
and see how they compare.  I'll have to play with my diploid R. bifida and 
my "triploid" forms (also ex hort Texas) and see if I get seeds next year.

I had heard that the "triploid" was slightly fertile when crossed with 
diploids, but this might have meant just that the dips and triploids are 
each producing a few tetraploid ovules and pollen grains (unreduced 
gametes).  Now you are making me curious!

Jim S.

At 11:18 AM 12/9/2011 -0500, you wrote:
>I always heard the Rhodophiala 'Hill Country Red' was a triploid, but when 
>we grow it beside wild collected seedlings, it becomes fertile.  That 
>leads me to believe that it is not a triploid, but I haven't had that 
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>I assume the cv. 'Hill Country Red' is the triploid form.  Are any of the 
>other clones or groups you showed also triploid?
>Jim Shields
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> >John:
> >
> >We will publish it in our catalog, and hope to also do a write-up in
> >one of the bulb journals as well.
> >Here is a link to a gallery of Rhodophiala bifida images for comparison.
> >http://gallery.plantdelights.com/Rhodophiala/
> >
> >
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