geophyte definition: Ornamental Potatoes

Tue, 06 Dec 2011 18:44:43 PST
Re: ornamental potatoes.This year I was given an orange fleshed form of a primitive potato from Colombia.
It is practically hopeless as a vegetable as when it is cooked it turns immediatly to slush even when new.
And has not much interest either flavour wise.
But a great feature of this plant is it's rich purple flowers on quite gracefull foliage and quite a lower growing plant than any I have met before.
It does root at it's nodes too quite happily.
I would consider this a more ornamental plant than culinary.
I am going to leave it in the ground this winter to see how hardy it is.
If oca goes through the winter as per usual this plant should too.
Many people are forecasting an exceptionally hard winter this year...

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> There are also very attractive species of Potato not present in general cultivation with beautiful flowers and nice foliage."
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