Drimia loedolffiae

Mary Sue Ittner msittner@mcn.org
Wed, 21 Dec 2011 08:26:50 PST

Alessandro Marinello continues to add photos to the wiki of plants we 
don't have pictures of. He must have an amazing collection of unusual 
plants. He recently added pictures of two Drimia species he grows in 
the Tenicroa group. I couldn't find much information about them, but 
since Drimia loedolffiae is an Eastern Cape species and I discovered 
it was named in 2006 by Ernst van Jaarsveld I wrote Cameron McMaster 
who is a friend of his and he suggested I contact Ernst directly. 
Ernst was kind enough to supply some amazing habitat photos for the 
wiki. He didn't explain how he managed to take these photos, but 
since he is an expert on cliff dwelling plants he must have refined 
the procedure. He wrote that Drimia cremnophila and D. mzimvubuensis 
are also two he recently named from cliffs along the Mzimubu Rivier. 
Most people wouldn't be able to get to these plants to discover them.

Alessandro also added Drimia flagellaris. If anyone knows a source 
for habitat photos of it please let me know.

As we celebrate the 300th BX let us also celebrate the more than 200 
people who have contributed to the wiki by providing photos or 
information and especially those who get those photos and information 
added to a page.

Mary Sue

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