What's germinating this week

Max Withers maxwithers@gmail.com
Thu, 29 Dec 2011 13:46:58 PST
For what it's worth I did once split up a batch of Lilium bolanderi,
stratifying half in the fridge and exposing the others to our winter
diurnal temp. variation.

Both halves germinated well, the outside ones took a few weeks longer, and
then I killed them all.

Max Withers
On Dec 29, 2011 11:52 AM, "Michael Mace" <michaelcmace@gmail.com> wrote:

> Lee wrote:
> >>the Calochortus seeds from the first round that came from the BX have
> germinated
> Thanks, Lee.  That's extremely useful.  And congratulations!
> I did the refrigeration-in-bag technique from the cold-winter Calochortus
> species I received (C. lyallii, etc).  They've been in the fridge for eight
> weeks.  The seeds plumped up nicely, but so far there aren't roots from any
> of them.  At some point I presume I should go ahead and pot them up even if
> they haven't sprouted.  Does anyone have suggestions?
> Thanks,
> Mike
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