Eastern Cape Trip

AW awilson@avonia.com
Tue, 08 Feb 2011 12:10:04 PST
That Kniphofia triangularis, new to me, is certainly a dramatic plant in
bloom. I can imagine landscape architects drooling. 

San Diego 

I have added another page for Gaika's Kop.

It includes another orchid from the summit, Eulophia aculeata. Other species
seen on the summit or on the way there were Hesperantha pulchra and Moraea
elliotii. There was a Kniphofia there that they decided mostly keyed out to
Kniphofia uvaria even though this is mostly a winter rainfall species.

On the lower part of the mountain we saw a nice form of Eucomis autumnalis,
Hypoxis argentea (also seen higher up), and two more Kniphofia species,
Kniphofia northiae and Kniphofia triangularis.  K. 
northiae was done flowering, but K. triangularis was quite wonderful. 
It is such a striking species.

Mary Sue

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