Cretinous literary endeavours.

dave s
Thu, 24 Feb 2011 13:05:05 PST
Thanks for the support Iain.  But, it's not so much that we think we're
alone in having to deal with this kind of silliness.  It's more a matter of
us having had it *easy* for many, many years.

I need to find this article and the time to absorb the thing in its entirety
- I can't yet wrap my head around the idea of using *Brighamia* as an
example of *anything* (Ye gods, *Ginkgo biloba* is extinct in the wild and
known only from cultivation, yet city planners continue to plant it in parks
and even along city streets!  Do you realize how easy it is for even the
most uninformed landowner to purchase this plant?!)

Lest anyone feel attempts to squelch this kind of crap are futile, look at
the recent whitelist situation in TX.  True, there was an industry behind
the push to "legalize water lilies," but for a time there, the entire genus
*Nymphaea* was off off limits to Texas gardeners.  It took an organized
outcry to get that genus on the State's whitelist.

- Dave

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