a few things blooming now in San Diego

Jane McGary janemcgary@earthlink.net
Wed, 23 Feb 2011 09:40:27 PST
I thought Tete-a-Tete when I saw the photo but looked closer and 
thought not. Doesn't T-a-T usually have more than one flower on a 
stem, hence the name?

I'm cooped up with a nasty cold too, but I have to spend at least 
part of today out in the cold wind hauling all the potted plants back 
into the garage as a severe cold spell is predicted to start Thursday.

Jane McGary

At 10:10 PM 2/22/2011, you wrote:
>On Feb 22, 2011, at 7:58 PM, Ken wrote:
>>an unknown Daffodil variety (help, please!),
>It looks to me like 'Tete a Tete' (about 9-10 inches tall).
>John C. MacGregor IV
>>after being cooped-up inside with a nasty cold for the past 4 days,
>>I ventured into the yard and snapped a couple shots of a few bulbs
>>blooming now.  Freesia laxa, Cyrtanthus falcatus, Veltheimia
>>bracteata, an unknown Daffodil variety (help, please!), Tulbaghia
>>simmleri and Lachenalia carnosa.  Hoping these signs of spring will
>>cut this virus short.
>>Ken Blackford
>>San Diego, CA
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