Puya-slight OT

AW awilson@avonia.com
Sat, 05 Feb 2011 10:38:05 PST

Zone 7 or colder seems to be pushing it. A night or two of 20F will not harm
them at all, and some even prefer some cold weather in winter to bloom well.
But, Zone 7 can get down to 5F. Some of the puyas can go below 20F , but for
how long I do not know.

Here is a site that lists hardiness from a wide range of bromeliads,
including Puyas.

By the way, not many bromeliads are bulbous, or tuberous. 

San Diego  

In reading about South American bulbs, I found several references to Puya
(bromeliad) being hardy to zone 7-8. I would like to know what PBS members'
experiences have been with this genus. Are some of the species hardy to zone
7 or colder? What growing conditions have been successful?

Pacific Northwest, in a mild and cloudy winter, unlike much of North America

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