February Gold (?) blooming now

Kathryn Andersen ksa2006@verizon.net
Tue, 01 Feb 2011 14:37:46 PST

This picture does not look exactly like 'February Gold'.  'February Gold' is
a cyclamineus hybrid with sweptback petals.  A profile view would be most
helpful in identification.  The petals in your picture look almost too flat
and perfect to be 'February Gold'.  Petals of this cultivar are usually
somewhat twisted with no suggestion of overlap.  You might want to google
Daff Seek - query page.  Type in February Gold and look at the pictures.
Daff Seek is a wonderful tool for identifying daffodils developed by Nancy
Tackett and  Ben  Blake of the American Daffodil Society.  The black and
white photo is perhaps the most typical.   Please do post a profile shot.
Do you know the source of your bulb?

Kathy Andersen
In South Eastern Pennsylvania where all daffodils are deep in the ground
under at least 12" of snow and ice

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I think this is 'February Gold', blooming now.   Narcissus experts out
there, correct me.  If so, one of the few reliably returning Narcissus here
in San Diego:
Also blooming now ... Lachenalia alooides:
Ken Blackford
San Diego, CA

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