Cretinous literary endeavours - Post Cript
Sun, 27 Feb 2011 12:36:15 PST
Just an amusing wee thought prompted by Dave S's comment anent the large scale planting of Gingko biloba, smelly fruits from female trees aside. 
What constitues 'native' or 'indigenous'? Here in Europe at least and maybe also north America too you can't hardly shovel coal on our fires without 
seeing the foliage of this genus if not exact taxon fossilised in the coal measures, alomgside much else besides. 

Apart from  Lilum martagon in one or two locations in Scotland I think it unlikely any other lilium taxon would be daft enough to become naturalised 
here but I take the point well made. 

On the bright side, the frost is now out of the ground at long last, enough for a frisson of excited antipation that Spring might soon be Sprung. Oh happy day!  Iain

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