Changing seasons

Robin Hansen
Mon, 21 Feb 2011 20:51:53 PST
Kathleen mentions her scoliopus aren't up yet.  I wish mine had waited a bit longer, but as I recall, they bloomed almost this early last year.  I keep a diary of sorts of bloom times and weather so will check it.

Given that the NOAA weather forecast is threatening a major winter snowstorm, on the coast yet!  I'd prefer all my plants hunker down for another couple of weeks.  Hwy. 42 from the coast to Roseburg, Oregon suffered huge amounts of snow - for this area, anyway - and a very large slide closing what for us is a major route to the inland valleys.

My white Wanda and Wanda having been blooming for several weeks, and auricula and marginata hybrids are all budding up.  However, if I keep spent blooms picked, they will rebloom to some degree.  It's the only way I can keep them in good shape for plant sales that don't come up until the 1st of May.

Let's stay warm and hope we don't get unusually cold temperatures.

Robin Hansen
Southwestern Oregon on the coast

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