Calochortus rescue -- thoughts?

Donald Barnett
Mon, 28 Feb 2011 08:47:29 PST
I can give you personal experience. I live in las vegas, nv. Many areas in
the west part of town have vacant untouched lots. 2 years ago I found one
that had calochortus flexuosus, muilla coronata and dicholestemma. I had
salvaged calochortus before in colorado off some of my property. Around here
in las vegas its easier. I marked 65 bulbs with orange tent stakes and gps
the locations. After the plants flowered and seeded around 4th of July the
bulbs were dormant and I salvaged the bulbs. In Nevada if it is private
property you only need owner permission for plants. I put them in a large
ziploc bag with some soil I just dug up. I kept them out of the light and
trief to keep them cool and damp since it was 117°F. Driving a block away to
my house I planted 20 calochortus in my yard. Mailed 10 to my father in
Colorado and planted 12 in bulb pan ceramic pots. I used premier promix with
lots of pumice for drainage. This year ive only seen 11 come up in the pot
and I only counted 16 in my yard but I couldn't remember where they were all
planted. I learned when digging them up they are only 3 inches below the
surface. So I planted my bulbs 2 inches. I know they will move themselves
deeper like seed grown plants. If you are growing Calochortus striatus,
which im thinking. Ive grown from seed 3 times they come up easy from seed.
45 days of 37°F and then 15 days of 85°F and once up, place on dry
enviroment. Water only once dry and 2 years to bloom.


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