Calochortus rescue

Michael Mace
Mon, 28 Feb 2011 11:06:37 PST
Thanks, everyone, for the great feedback.  What a cool group this is!

Donald wrote:

>> Sorry I missed a few emails. But are you trying to learn how to salvage
calochortus bulbs? Or how to do it from a legal sense on a large scale?

I think it's more of the former (salvage or relocation).  I don't have much
detail on what's happening, but the person who contacted me is a landscape
architect.  Reading between the lines, I *guess* that they are in the early
stages of a project that might disturb a stand of C. striatus, and they want
to know what the prospects are for relocating the bulbs.  Whether that means
relocating the bulbs within the site, or to a different location, I do not

[By the way, before anyone gets upset about this relatively scarce species
being disturbed, I think the architect deserves credit for reaching out to
us. Most would probably be tempted to tell no one, attract no attention, and
go forward with the project.  So please let's not create a kerfuffle about

Any thoughts or experiences from relocating or rescuing wild Calochortus
bulbs would probably be helpful.  I know it's been done with other species
in the genus, but I do not know how well it worked.



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