Please help with Hippeastrum ID

Del Allegood
Thu, 10 Feb 2011 08:10:05 PST
The third bloom appears to have some of the characteristics of both Reginae and 
Vittattum.You have some beautiful hybrids.I would have to observe a species for 
at least a year,including its bloom cycle,before I would even think about 
calling it by name,without a dna Itentification.
If they were sold to you as species,and not hybrids,from a reliable source,then 
the weight of identification is far greater on the side of species.

From: Pham Minh Phuong <>
Sent: Thu, February 10, 2011 2:57:49 AM
Subject: Re: [pbs] Please help with Hippeastrum ID

Thank you very much for your comments. I agree that Hippeastrum flower
No 1 is somewhat similar to Hippeastrum puniceum. However, I wonder
about its bright red petals and dark red eye in the throat. I have
other Hippeastrum puniceum with orange petals and cream throat and
they looks different.  It is very difficult for me to clarify flower
No2. Some people told me that is Hippeastrum Johnsonii. In my area,
they make a mistake by giving it the name of Hippeastrum equestre. The
third flower is a hybrid with 6 flowers/flower stalk. It it a hybrid
of H. vitatum?
Best regard,


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