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Mark, the long list of citations you gave only proves my point: those who
make cowanii a synonym of Allium neapolitanum miss the point. That the
plant grown as Allium cowanii is a form of the plant properly known as
Allium neapolitanum in not in dispute. What is in dispute is the
implication that the terms Allium cowanii and Allium neapolitanum mean the
same thing. They do not. Furthermore, there is the point of view that the
plant long grown as Allium cowanii deserves horticultural recognition
distinct from any recognition given to Allium neapolitanum in general. 

That the name Allium cowanii does not deserve recognition as a botanical
epithet is a given; that's not what this is about. The plant in question is
a horticultural entity. 

What this is about is that the plant in question deserves a name so that
those who want to grow it can; let the buyer determine its merit, not the

There is also this to consider: the name cowanii antedates the cut off
point for the use of Latinized cultivar names. As I understand the rules,
it could be used as a cultivar name. 

Jim McKenney  

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