Winter Issue of The Bulb Garden

Jane Merryman
Thu, 17 Feb 2011 14:15:46 PST
The winter 2011 issue of /The Bulb Garden/ has been mailed, along with 
the new directory and the seed list.In the lead article, Angelo Porcelli 
of Apulia, Italy, discusses gladiolus of southern Italy. This should 
bring some warmth and cheer to those of us who are still winter-bound. 
Nhu Nguyen takes us on a tour of the wilder places of California where 
geophytes command a beautiful view--with ideas for spring outings. 
Marguerite English shows us how Christmas looks in her garden near San 
Diego and Robin Hansen encourages us to take heart---cyclamen /are/ 
difficult to bring through the winter---and describes a number of 
strategies to keep these beautiful plants alive and healthy.

I think I have enough articles for the spring issue, but I'll soon be 
needing content for the summer issue, with a deadline of mid-May. If you 
have any thoughts about a making a contribution, please contact me at

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