Unknown Allium

Mark McDonough antennaria@charter.net
Tue, 08 Feb 2011 14:32:43 PST
santoury@aol.com wrote:
> ===============
> Hey guys, A buddy of mine shared some Allium seeds with me, and we 
> found it on the internet, showing one single >reference, and my seeds 
> came from that single plant we found. The label is Allium toojayashii.
> I'd love more information about this species, and if I have it spelled 
> wrong, correct me please.
> Best, Jude

Hello Jude, a friend of yours (Roland de Boer) just posted your exact 
same question on your behalf on the Scottish Rock Garden Club (SRGC) 
Forum, which I answered.  The link is below:


Mark McDonough
Massachusetts, USA
USDA Zone 5

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