Dennis Kramb
Sat, 01 Jan 2011 09:16:36 PST
Happy New Year, PBSers!

I just wanted to mention the SIGNA seed sale is now underway,   Only SIGNA members may participate
in the sale, so be sure to add at least a $6 e-Membership to your cart, if
you're not already a member.

Seeds in short supply sell out quickly, as they tend to be rare species that
are highly sought after.  So take care to order plenty of substitutes, or at
least bear it in mind!

Of special note are the Iris ensata seeds of Russian provenance (Alexeeva
#10).  These flowers have unusual, creamy white signals,   I think these will be popular, and
luckily these seeds are plentiful.

Dennis in Cincinnati  (SIGNA webmaster)

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