Crocus Book and a plug for NARGS book service

Sat, 22 Jan 2011 02:41:22 PST
Hello Dave,
I would love to buy the book bit NARGS does not list it on their website...

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> I just got the book Crocuses: A Complete Guide to the Genus byJanis Ruksans 
> and Brian Mathew. And my first impression is Wow! Perhaps now I can begin to 
> make sense of this genus. I haven't had a chance to read much, but it seems to 
> be full of information from someone who is actually finding/growing/studying the 
> plants. And there is a bit of the same fun mentioned in a recent post from 
> Michael Mace, regarding the author.
> Amazon has a great price break at the moment on this book ($26.73, savings of 
> 41%), and if you wish to order the book from them, please consider accessing 
> their website through the NARGS (North American Rock Garden Society) website 
> ( NARGS now gets a small percentage for purchases at Amazon when 
> entered through the NARGS link. This works even for items NARGS doesn't have a 
> direct link for, that you must search for when you get to Amazon. And you don't 
> need to be a member of NARGS. Perhaps the PBS should look into this association 
> as well, but in the mean time another worthy plant society would appreciate your 
> support, especially since this costs nothing extra and you still get all the 
> normal features that Amazon offers.
> Thanks,
> Dave Brastow, looking forward to the 4 days of cold but sunny weather 
> promised by the weather service.
> Tumwater, Washington
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