OT - Invasive Snakes

Jim McKenney jimmckenney@jimmckenney.com
Mon, 10 Jan 2011 12:38:14 PST
Mike, get back on your soap box. There's nothing much else happening today.
Complainers can use the delete key. 


I think some of those ideas are great, but I'm dubious about any solution
which gets the 'authorities" involved. And believe me, I'm not an
anti-government nut. For a good example of what goes wrong when
"authorities" get involved, take a look at the labels placed on over the
counter chemicals which are known to have potentially dangerous
environmental effects. 


In deference to the local god Free Market, we allow these things to be sold
as long as they are labeled for proper use. Yes, that is an important step
in the right direction, and I'm grateful for it. 


But are prospective purchasers of such products required to demonstrate
literacy? Are they required to show that they can read and understand the
label? Are they given a psychological test to determine if they have
sociopathic intentions, latent or otherwise?


No to all of the above. And that leaves us where we started, which is to say
people of good will will not do these things intentionally and evil, devious
people will find ways of getting around the law in order to do them (or to
unintentionally cause them to be done) .  


I'm out of positive solutions today; I hope others chime in and keep this
thread gently bubbling. 


Jim McKenney


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