Slightly OT- Wireless thermometers

Jane McGary
Sun, 09 Jan 2011 16:48:21 PST
Kathleen asked
>Would people with experience with wireless thermometers tell me this?
>I'm looking for one that reliably transmits 100 ft or more, despite
>what descriptions might say.
>The first one I purchased said it would transmit 100 ft, and after
>checking, it reaches no more than 45 ft.

I have one (two, actually, that transmit to one base station) that 
reliably transmitted from my bulb frames to my former house, a 
distance of about 140 feet. I got this from a catalog called "Wind 
and Weather" (I think) but the instrument is made in Portland by, I 
seem to remember, Oregon Scientific. I'm sorry, I can't find it at 
the moment, having recently moved--I wish I had it set up, but I 
don't know where I packed it. The thermometers and the base unit are 

Jane McGary
Portland, Oregon USA

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