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James Waddick jwaddick@kc.rr.com
Fri, 21 Jan 2011 14:44:59 PST
>lower down in the turf area I planted several hundred bulbs of 
>Narcissus obvallaris, dug from an area of rough grass in my former 
>garden. It has kept its name though at times it's been regarded as 
>N. pseudonarcissus; perhaps the British botanists had a soft spot 
>for their only native species. The dozen bulbs I started with 25 
>years ago formed large colonies in pasture grass that was sometimes 
>inundated in winter and got very dry in summer. There were also 
>seedlings downstream of the large clumps, which interested me 
>because some writers claim this species does not self-sow. The 
>seedlings eventually flowered and appeared identical to the N. 
>obvallaris, which blooms for me well before any large hybrid 
>daffodils do -- in February even up in the Cascade foothills.

Dear Jane and all,
	We ordered a couple dozen bulbs years ago hoping they might 
naturalize on a W/.facing hill in light shade among Hellebores. The 
trial was a great success. This is the only Narcissus that self sows 
here and seedlings pop up all along the hill side.  Flowers are 
uniform and distinctive so there's no real surprises.

	No one ever says how nice they are, but they are totally 
trouble free and just do their own thing.

	We do recommend them to all visitors in season.  We have a 
much harsher climate than Jane and we've never had a problem with 
			Best	Jim W.
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