blooming now - weedy Oxalis, Hymenocalis(?) and Hippeastrum x'Papilio'

Wed, 12 Jan 2011 17:44:05 PST

The oxalis looks like O. purpurea. I don't regard it as weedy here in San
Diego. At least, it's nowhere near as bad as some of the other ones we've
discussed in past month or so. In fact, I encourage it. The rodents do not
seem to dig it up, something I cannot say is true for many other oxalis
species. It forms small clumps and looks very pretty among trees.

Considering the rains and cool temperatures we've had, the Hymenocallis
looks excellent.

I find 'Papilio' strange when it comes to its blooming time. Some years it
blooms in September, even though it's meant to bloom in March or so. This
year mine are starting to make a move but they're probably a month away.
They are in part shade at this time of year, which does slow them down a

San Diego 

Besides the very weedy O.pes-caprae, I have this pretty and somewhat less
weedy Oxalis species blooming now, with pink flowers and redish stems:
What I believe to be Hymenocalis is also blooming now, albeit quite beaten
down by recent heavy rains:
and finally a Hippeastrum x'Papilio' ... seemingly blooming 2 months early. 
One scape has collapsed:
San Diego,  CA
USDA zone 10

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