Dietes robinsoniana

Thu, 06 Jan 2011 19:59:20 PST

There are four species of Dietes, three of them from South Africa and the
one outsider, which you now have, from Lord Howe Island in the Tasman sea.
I've grown all but this one. They are so easy to germinate, that apart from
saying water them, cover them lightly with any reasonable seed soil, and
give them 50F or more, there's nothing to be done. They all self sow here
with reckless abandon all over the garden. And, unlike most irids around
here, the rodents leave them alone.

After germination they grow steadily. If you're indoors I am almost scared
to warn you about them. Yes, they will grow to 2 to three feet and spread
laterally. The South African species tolerate drought very well but
luxuriate if they get watered. From where it comes from, D. robinsoniana is
probably more demanding of water.  

San Diego 

I just received some seeds of this species, and I'm wondering if anyone has
any particular suggestions for germinating them.  I've grown lots of irises
from seeds, but almost no irids, and never Dietes.  In fact, this is my
first time ever to have a Dietes.  I hear they get big!…

Dennis in Cincinnati

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