Boophone haemanthoides 3.5 years growth

Tue, 04 Jan 2011 13:40:35 PST
Hi Mike,
I think the repotting is definitely beneficial. The 2 I repotted last month had roots coming out the drainage holes ... I was hesitant to do so in mid growth so thought I'd repot half of them and monitor for ill effect.  So far, none obvious.  I was as careful as possible not to disturb the root ball ... so maybe that helped.  My experience is that also seems to be true for Amaryllis belladonna ... so that was what I was hoping for with these.  Jim Shields also commented that agressive up-potting with amaryllids is beneficial ... just not TOO agressive!
As far as other 'pointers' ... not sure, but my potting mix is mostly DG with maybe 25% good potting mix, mayb 5-10% pumice and a like amount of perlite.  For the larger bulbs I plan to eventually sink into the ground ... I throw in some of my local clay soil as well ... mayb 20-25%.  Nothing scientific about my mix.  When they go dormant, I have been storing on lower/shaded shelves on the east side of my house with no or little water.  I HAVE treated with an imidacloprid based insecticide a couple months before dormancy to ward off mealies.  I don't like to use insecticides ... but I also don't like to lose my bulbs to mealies!
Ken Blackford
San Diego   

--- On Tue, 1/4/11, Michael Mace <> wrote:


Do you think your success is due to repotting aggressively?  If so, do you
have any pointers on when to repot?  I'm wondering mostly about how you know
when the bulb needs a bigger pot, but also if you have any thoughts on
what's the best time of year to do it, that would be great.
San Jose, CA

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