blooming now - weedy Oxalis, Hymenocalis(?) and Hippeastrum x'Papilio'

Wed, 12 Jan 2011 18:19:59 PST
Thanks, Andrew!
I thought perhaps it was O.purpurea also ... but I did not see the red, hairy stems in the pictures of it on the PBS Wiki.  This one is very weedy for me in shaded areas ... I only see it rarely where I get full sun, so that seems in line with your comments.  O.pes-caprae, for me ... seems to keep its weediness just to sunny areas.  I also have what I believe to be O.hirta ... it seems to like the expansion joints in concrete in sunny areas and between the bricks in my patio ... more easily eradicated compared to the other two.  I actually 'like' all three ... but would prefer the O.pes-caprae keep its spectacular displays to my neighbors' yards!  It sprouts up and grows between the spines of my barrel cacti and is practically impossible to eradicate.   
From: AW

The oxalis looks like O. purpurea. I don't regard it as weedy here in San
Diego ... It forms small clumps and looks very pretty among trees ...

Considering the rains and cool temperatures we've had, the Hymenocallis
looks excellent.

I find 'Papilio' strange when it comes to its blooming time. Some years it
blooms in September, even though it's meant to bloom in March or so. This
year mine are starting to make a move but they're probably a month away.
They are in part shade at this time of year, which does slow them down a

San Diego 

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