What's blooming this week 7/29/2011

gentian21 gentian21@comcast.net
Fri, 29 Jul 2011 19:05:44 PDT
Not much blooming now with the 2nd hottest summer ever with average highs
of 91.5, 3 days of 100 and only 1.25" of rain this month, most of a few days 
What is amazing is how well all the plants are doing because of double 
May and June and the heat didn't come on suddenly after a cool spell.

In the ground:
Cyclamen purpurescens, perfectly suited to my climate compared to 
Alstromeria psittacina, almost a weed
     "     Sweet Laura
     "     Freedom
Begonia weeds
Crocosmia Emily McKenzie
      "     Distant Planet
Gladiiolus Boone, almost a weed
Dierama paucifolium
Plantanthera ciliaris, very reliable
Crinum bulbispermum Jumbo, after 4 spikes quit when the rains quit.  Getting 
seeds now.

In pots:
Crinum Ellen Bosanquet
Begonia boliviensis
Habranthus brachyanthus
     "     robustus
Zephranthus primulina
     "     labuffarosea

Frank Cooper
Central Illinois, zone 5b

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