A updated version of the list of the nurseries which could export from China.

Fierycloud fierycloud2002@yahoo.com.tw
Sun, 31 Jul 2011 20:11:56 PDT
I'm very interested in bulbs from China.

Do you have a company which is registered on the list?
Because I have ask the AQSIQ via their message board.
They told me that only the companies which are on the list could entering 
the exporting process now. (After 2007)
And no individual could import and export plants by any way officially from 
the beggining to now. (So if someone declaims he had got bulbs from 
someone from China , they might not be via the normal ways.)

ps. most bulbs are still limited from China to Taiwan
https://fbfh.trade.gov.tw/rich/text/indexfh.asp. In the custom scale, there 
are only Pleione, Tulip, Narcissus, Microstylis arianenis hayata 
,Hyacinth is accept. All the others are prohibited.
In the scale of inspection, because we blocks each other for decades, many 
species are not evaluated officially. Most geophytes species needs a 
firstly introduce process. (But most of them are prohibited to import as 


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> It is a pitty to hear this! As a bulb fan from China, I am sorry to know 
the bad impression from the abroad.  There are do  some companys sell 
fake things in China, but it happens everywhere in the world.  
> By the way, if some of you are interested in some bulbs from China, 
please let me know. I would like to give a hand for free.
> With Best Regards
> Kai

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