Delphinium carolinianum

Dennis Kramb
Tue, 12 Jul 2011 16:35:22 PDT
A while back I tried cultivating several plants of the integrade form of D.
carolinianum / virescens.  I planted it in my prairie bed and it bloomed
that first year but I haven't seen it since.

This spring I got some more D. carolinianum.  They grew for a while, then
disappeared without blooming.  Today I read that the species is mid-summer
dormant, so now I'm wondering if my plants are actually dead or just
dormant.  (I don't remember exactly where they were planted to be able to

Is anyone on the list aware of any special needs for this species?  I grew
(grow?) them in a mesic, full sun, setting along with my Helianthus,
Asclepias, Solidago, Veronicastrum, Silphium, and other prairie forbs.

Tentatively I've thought they're just short lived plants that have not
reseeded.  But I am not very experienced with this (or any) Delphinium
species.  And until today I was unaware of this summer dormancy.

I don't know if this is important, but I also lost several Manfreda
virginica that I transplanted in the same prairie bed as D. viriscens.  The
Manfreda also died out within 1 year.  That's odd because I've never lost
Manfredas in other parts of my yard.

It could also be that I over-coddled or under-coddled them when first
transplanted.  I'm stumped.  But I love this species and would love to get
it established en masse.

The PBS wiki does not have any info on D. carolinianum.

Dennis in Cincy

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