A updated version of the list of the nurseries which could export from China.

Fierycloud fierycloud2002@yahoo.com.tw
Sat, 30 Jul 2011 19:53:32 PDT

I don't know how the law operated in China now, but know that the law is 
also according to the IPPC and other international regulations just as 
other country.
All import and export company and producer (farm) will need to be 
registered for traceability System for the pest and disease control.

It's might be just the first step in the process in China. 
And maybe the other advanced countries have a advanced lists, I am still 
trying to find the similar official lists of other countries.
Does any one know the lists of other countries?

Basically speaking, I think some of the nurseries on the web which could 
not offer the phytosanitary certificate should be evaluated first. (For 
the nurseries which export.)

And it's a strange thing that most of nuseries could not offer the the 
phytosanitary certificate with the additional declarations" Artificially 
(Because in some case, the CITES II species could just need the 
phytosanitary certificate with the declaration without the CITES permit. 
I could only know the Netherlands do, but not U.S. in last year when I 
asked the APHIS office in Taiwan. And neither China when I asked the 


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