Kniphofia linearifolia

Justin Smith
Sat, 02 Jul 2011 17:55:45 PDT

Hello All, I am taking a rare moment to work on my plants this evening and I am in a quandary. My K. linearifolia is in a very large pot. (actually half of a plastic barrel) It is in full sun and has  just been decimated this year and I am in hopes I could get a little input. It has been very dry and very hot this year. I am unsure of just how wet it likes to be.  Does it like to be very wet?  Do you think full Texas hot sun is too much and need some shade? Last year it did quite well for me in the same spot. But it rained quite a bit more last year.  I dug it up an hour ago and the roots are not healthy looking at all. Is it susceptible to any diseases? Thanks for any info. JustinWoodville, TX 8b/9a 		 	   		  

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