Polianthes and Hymenocallis

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Sat, 23 Jul 2011 13:44:00 PDT
I get an alarm that http://www.badbear.com/ is infected
I can't open them

can you send the pictures to my email address


2011/7/23 Dennis Kramb <dkramb@badbear.com>:
> I posted some photos of geophytes I'm growing in pots here:
> http://www.badbear.com/dkramb/01-Polianthes/ tuberosa 'Suvarna'.JPG
> http://www.badbear.com/dkramb/02-Polianthes/ tuberosa 'Suvarna'.JPG
> http://www.badbear.com/dkramb/03-Rain/ lilies from Kroger (Habranthus).JPG
> http://www.badbear.com/dkramb/04-Hymenocallis/ 'Festalis'.JPG
> http://www.badbear.com/dkramb/05-Hymenocallis/ 'Festalis'.JPG
> http://www.badbear.com/dkramb/06-Polianthes/ tuberosa.JPG
> http://www.badbear.com/dkramb/07-Polianthes/ geminiflora.JPG
> I tried something new this year with my tender bulbs.  After their winter
> rest in the basement, I planted some of in orchid pots filled with leca
> stones.
> Polianthes tuberosa 'Suvarna' seems to love it.  They seem tremendously
> happy compared to last year when they were in regular potting mix... in a
> regular clay pot.  Although, to be fair, the regular Polianthes tuberosa is
> still in a regular clay pot in regular potting mix, and it seems awfully
> happy this year too.
> Hymenocallis x 'Festalis' also seems quite happy in the orchid pot with leca
> stones... although one bulb took forever to awaken from dormancy.
> I included some photos where you can see the roots.  I keep them all well
> watered, and add fertilizer to the water at least once a week.
> The rain lilies are in regular potting mix, but they love being in the
> orchid pot with the little reservoir of water at the bottom.
> Polianthes geminiflora is a little perplexing to me.  I thought I would
> struggle to keep it happy through the winter, indoors under lights, but in
> actuality keeping it happy outside has been far more difficult.  Most of
> them died back, and are just now resprouting.  I don't know what they
> want... maybe more water, more shade, or less heat?
> Dennis in Cincinnati
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