Pacific Bx 278
Sun, 03 Jul 2011 07:31:17 PDT

I have received your order. 


Best wishes, 



Dell Sherk, PBS BX 

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Hi Dell! 

I would like the following: 

 1. Seed of Hippeastrum xjohnsonii, selfed 
 3. Fresh seed of xhippeastrelia 
 5. Small bulbs of Narcissus jonquilla, ex Mary Sue 
 6. Small corms of Crocus sativus 
 7. Small bulbs of Tulipa clusiana, ex commercial source 
10. Seed of Colchicum rhodopaeum 
12. Offsets of hybrid Hippeastrums, mixed colors 

Please note that I have a new mailing address - it is: 

Lin Grado 
2135 CR 3230 
Quitman,  TX 75783 

Who should I notify to have my address changed for mailings etc.? 

Thanks as always! 

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